First International Workshop on Semantic Computing for Entertainment

(WSCE 2017)


The field of semantic computing goes beyond search and knowledge representation issues by addressing questions of using user intent and other ill-formed queries to retrieve and generate new information, often in a continuous interactive loop. Assigning of meaning is especially problematic when dealing with artistic and cultural data such as films, music or stories. Categories such as emotions, sensibilities or aesthetics require finding ways to express them in formal manner and open new questions in terms of mediating human intent and providing higher or meta-level specifications of computational needs to the machine. The broad view of semantic computing makes it an attractive field for researchers and developers in the fields of multimedia, computer generated arts, games, and entertainment technologies in general.

The intent of this workshop is to bring together researchers, technology experts and practitioners in diverse fields of entertainment, to exchange latest advances and practices in the fields of semantic computing that would be relevant for advancing human artistic and cultural experiences.

All papers will be included in the IEEE proceeding of the ICSC2017 conference. Extended versions of selected papers will be published in ACM Computers in Entertainment Journal.

Topics of interest

Among the topics of interest to this workshop:
  • feature engineering and deep learning for entertainment data
  • semantic multimedia analysis, editing and processing
  • generative and improvisation models with semantic specifications
  • deep learning applied to music composition and improvisation
  • robotic applications for entertainment
  • use of sensors to translate user's intentions into computational output
  • smart interfaces and mediation technology
  • scenario modeling and control for interactive multimedia
  • meta-level specifications for entertainment computing
  • wellbeing and positive computing
  • technology-assisted music therapy
  • gesture recognition for expressive and semantic control
  • natural and wearable interfaces
  • narrative modeling and story understanding systems
  • semantic film and music tagging and recommendation
  • compositional semantics in film and music search
  • affect and emotion recognition in text and multimedia
  • structure analysis and content-based segmentation
  • computational aesthetics and kansei technologies
  • cross-cultural computing in entertainment and the arts

Important Dates

November 20, 2016

Submission deadline

December 2, 2016

Notification of acceptance

December 25, 2016

Camera-Ready Submission

Organizing Committee

Shlomo Dubnov - Music and Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD
Robert Keller - Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College
Yasushi Kiyoki - Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
Newton Lee - Woodbury University School of Media, Culture & Design

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be written (6 pages maximum, all included) in English and follow the instructions in the Manuscript Formatting and Templates page given in ICSC 2017 website at the "Submission" section.

Papers must be original and not be submitted to or accepted by any other conference or journal. All papers should be submitted to Shlomo Dubnov (